What is Polyvinyl Chloride?

polyvinyl chloride pipe is also called Polyca pipe, which is one of the polymer pipes. And in terms of thickness and flexibility, these types of pipes are different from each other.

The tube is made of compressed plastic and has high strength and resistance. The important feature of this pipe, which distinguishes it from other pipes, is its durability against environmental conditions and long life. It is one of the most widely used types of pipes in the petrochemical industry and the construction industry. Because it is cheap and has high resistance compared to the previous pipes.

With all these characteristics of this type of pipe, it has caused that the use of polyvinyl chloride pipe as a water pipe and vino-hydraulic is very efficient.

What is upvc pipe? It is one of the types of PVC pipe that does not have softener in its structure. For this reason, this group of pipes, like MPVC pipes, has high hardness.

the application of pvc

widely used in production of pvc boardy leatheriod, paint and adhesive agents. etc…

Paint and adhesive .Division according to application: 1.Building materials: such as UPVC tubing, UPVC pipes, panel and section bars. 2.Packing materials.3.Electronic materials: such as electronic wires, cables,adhesive tapes and bolts. 4.Furniture and decorating materials,etc. 5.Others: leatheroid, medical disposable products, antiseptic paint,etc.

polyvinyl chloride

Polyvinyl Chloride

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