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Zinc Stearate
Zinc Stearate

Item No: -

Zinc Stearate

Item No: -

Zinc Stearate  Code No : PZS 202



        The main raw material of PVC heat stabilizer , it is popularly used with other stearate salts such as calcium stearate, barium stearate, etc. to make the heat stabilizers.

        Plastic industry, it is often used as scavengers, lubricants and release agent such as for PE, PS, EPS,PU. It is also helpful to get the finished products with smoother surfaces and lower friction. Their outstanding clarity and heat stability properties make them particularly suitable for impact and crystal grade PS and other clear polymers. (PE, PS.PA.PVC.SMC/BMC).

        Rubber industry, it is used as lubricant and release agents/antitracking agent.

        Building   industry, it is used as hydrophobic agents for plasters.

       Abrasive paper, it works as lubricant and sanding sealer.

        Also can be used in food additive, feed additive and cosmetics.





Colour White
Water content % 0/5
Appearance powder
Free fatty acid % 0/5 - 1
Melting Point C 125
Ash content % 13 Max
Bulk Density g/l 350


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