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polyethylene wax
polyethylene wax

Item No: رقم الصنف: ١١٠٠PE

polyethylene wax

Item No: رقم الصنف: ١١٠٠PE

Polyethylene Wax has good Lubrication property on PVC processing, efficiently increase fluidity, increase extrusion efficiency of PVC product, increase product’ s surface gloss;

Also efficiently decrease system viscosity of hot melt adhesive product, and has good anti subsidence in it’ s production.

The PE wax has better lubricity than other lubricants in Rigid transparent or nontransparent PVC formula.

It  is a excellent new plastic lubricants and can be widely used in PE, PVC cable materials, PVC profiles and PVC pipes, PVC fittings, Filling master batch, Color master batch, Foaming sole, Hot melt adhesive,




Dry and white


Colour White
Appearance Flake
viscosity mPa. S 50±30
Bulk Density g/l 0.93±0.02
Melting Point C 100+10
Volatile content @ 150 ℃ 2-3%
R&B Softening point ℃ 100±5


Paraffin Wax

Paraffin Wax

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Wax is class of compounds that are melt-able solids near environment temperatures. wax include higher alkane and lipids, typically with melting point...
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