Epoxidized soybean oil
Epoxidized soybean oil

Item No: ESBO

Epoxidized soybean oil

Item No: ESBO

Epoxidized Soybean Oil is one of the most important softeners in various industries, including plastic and rubber which its main role is to reduce the glass transition temperature and thus soften and make plastic more flexible. the softener reduces the process temperature to less than the polymer degradation temperature, decrease melt viscosity and also the elastic modulus.

Important features of this softener are: very good compatibility with PVC, light and thermal stability, resistance to migration (it is comparable to polymer softener) have a synergistic effect along with metal stabilizers such as zinc-calcium compounds. one of the disadvantages of this softener is its storage problems. this material tends to crystallize at low temperatures, which by heating it to 30 or 40 ° C, the crystalline structures created are destroyed without any affecting the softening function.

Epoxidized Soybean Oil is used in PVC industries such as floor covering, hoses, wall coverings, food packaging, wire and cable cover, tablecloth, gloves, adhesives, coatings, rubber manufacturing, agriculture, as polyol intermediate materials, fuel additives, and also mainly used in food and pharmaceutical industries.

Epoxy oil with clear and translucent color and 6.5% epoxy


Bulk Density g/l 994 kg/m3
Oxirane Oxygen Value 6.5(± 0.1)
Iodine value 2.5(Max)
Acid value mg KOH/g 0.8(Max)
Water content % 0.1(Max)
Sp.Gr. at 27 ℃ 0.94-0.99
R.I. at 27 ℃ 1.470-1.472
Turbidity point -8℃




Item No: Pd1200-Prx233
Plasticizers are polymer-compatible materials which its migration from resin is limited. in other words, this type of plasticizers has more stability...
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