Pishrochem the Leading Manufacturer of ACRAWAX


ACRAWAX™ C N,N’ Ethylene Bisstearamide CAS No.  110-30-5

Physical Properties

Beads Prilled Powdered Micronized Atomized

Acid Value 8 Max  Color, Gardner 1963 5 Max  Melting Point, C 140-145 Neutralization Value 2.0 

Acrawax C is also available in a 33% solid aqueous dispersion.  Specifications and analytical methods are available upon request. Screen Tests%

On 10 Mesh,% On 40 Mesh, % On 100 Mesh, % On 170 Mesh, % On 325 Mesh, %

Typical Properties

Flash Point, C 285 285 285 285 285 80% of Particles (microns) ----------- ----------- <60 ------ <15 90% of Particles (microns) ----------- ----------- ----------- <35 <13 Mean Particle Size (microns) 570 130 30 10 6 Suggested Applications Acrawax C Prilled and Beads are effective internal/external lubricants, processing aids, mold release agents, anti-blocking agents, slip additives and pigment dispersant aids for most polymers including ABS, PVC, polypropylene, nylon, acetal, polyethylene and thermoplastic polyester.

Acrawax C Powdered, Micronized and Atomized are traditionally used as a lubricants and binders for cold compaction of powdered metal parts.  These materials are also useful as dispersants, slip additives, antiblocking agents, and matting agents in ink and coatings applications.