Pishrochem the Leading Manufacturer of Ca Zn Liquid Stabbilizer

Ca Zn Liquid Stabbilizer

  • Item No PCZS 921 - PCZS 922

PCZS 920 is mainly suitable for all kinds of environmental friendly soft, semi-rigid PVC product. It is  non toxic and food grade PVC articles that required FDA approval and high heat stability blended with very low odor and taste. Our range can be used in the following products :

Medical infusion , dropper , oxygen mask , food packing film , PVC tubes & films , foot wear compound , beverage tubing , refrigeration gaskts  and PVC wires and cables , gloves , toys , PVC tablecloth , mat and etc.

PCZS 921 is mainly used for foam products , such as wallpaper , plastic flooring , furniture leather , etc.


PCZS 922 is very low odor and good color protection for a high environmental protection PVC plastics products such as medical products , food packaging.

Appearance Light yellow liquid
Calcium-Zinc content % 2.3-3.6