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Stabilizer for wire and cable:

Recent introduction of non-lead stabilizer systems to the wire and cable industry have shown a rising interest in these new products. Based on new regulations on the usage of lead stabilizers and the difficulties of disposing of vinyl containing lead in regular landfills, the interest to replace these products is in fact very high.

Ca-Zn stabilizer system is undoubtedly a product of future considering environmental issues which will attract a tough legislation worldwide.

Ca-Zn stabilizer systems have to match in cable compounds are thermal stability (in all service temperatures), surface finish, insulation resistance when submerged in water and water absorption. Fire resistant and low smoke compounds can also be made by using respective additives . Research and developments have made Ca-Zn stabilizer systems very close to lead based systems in these aspects





Ca-Zn stabilizer systems have several advantages over lead based systems. These are:

· They have much low specific gravity and hence have longer surface coatings.

· They have better dispersion propert