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Methyl Tin stabilizer

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 Non-toxic Tin stabilizer
 Methyl tin mercaptide is the most effective heat stabilizer for the processing of pvc plastic,It provides good term heat stability with good initial color and clarity.it most suitable for rigid and flexible ,extruded ,moulde ,coated , calendered pvc products. great performance effect to the long term heat stability with smaller dosage. Approved by FDA and other regulatory agencies for food contact applications.
PVC film (thermal shrinking packaging film, printing film, calendared film, twisting film)
PVC sheet (clear flexible and rigid sheet,  advertisement sheet, compound sheet)
PVC granule (granule, shell of electronic communication apparatus, etc.)
PVC building and construction materials (drinking water pipe and pipe fittings,
 chemical pipes, construction materials, profile etc.)
PVC medical apparatus (transfusion device, etc.), food packaging materials, daily-used appliances and others

Colour Clear transparent liquid
Metal Content % 19 ٪Tin
Bulk Density g/l 1.18
viscosity mPa. S 60-90
Sulfur 9.5