Pishrochem the Leading Manufacturer of Stabilizers PTS 910

Stabilizers PTS 910


Code No. PTS 910

PTS 910 is industrial grade liquid composite heat stabilizers and  it has a good initial coloring, long- term  thermal stability  to either rigid or plasticized PVC, good lubricity It gives a transparent compound and can be used as a replacement tin systems. mainly suitable for all kinds of environmental protection soft ,semi-soft PVC products processing, Especially suitable for transparent products such as calendaring films, thermal shrinking packaging film, printing film, twisting film, extrusion tube ,hoses and cables.

PTS 911 Is mainly used in PVC wire & cable materials.

PTS 912 Is mainly used in PVC hoses products.

PTS 913  Is mainly used  for food packing – shrink films – card films

PTS 914 Is mainly used for hard products like extruded or calendaring products and transparency with or light color products which can be treated with high temperature vulcanization.


Appearance Clear transparent liquid
Colour ≤50
Bulk Density g/l 1.8+/-0.01
viscosity mPa. S 60-90
Sulfur ≥4.5
Metal Content % 4 % Max
Tin content % 10+/-0.5