Stearic Acid as Activator

Activator or accelerator
Stearic acid has several applications in the production of rubber, such as lubrication and internal adhesion. Without stearic acid, the rubber vulcanization process would be completely different.
Rubber grade can be used as an activator, dispersant, softener and lubricant in the process of rubber compounds. It was also used as an external lubricant and viscosity reducer in the PVC process.
Solvents and accelerators do different things chemically. It also appears as an activator in triggering accelerator reactions. Understanding these differences helps us understand why both components are critical to success in specific processes.
Accelerators are chemicals that are added to the process to speed up the reaction, so accelerators are critical in industrial applications because they waste time and money waiting for slow reactions. The variety of accelerators used depends on the reaction that requires acceleration. Sometimes several accelerators are used for best results.